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AAAHP business hours and after hours telephone: 61 (0)2 6108 3616. Please note: AAAHP will not return overseas calls.All overseas inquiries are to be via email or post.


Diploma of Anaesthetic Technology HLT57915

Give yourself the best shot at becoming an anaesthetic technician. Learn the full range of skills in order to take responsibility for anaesthetic preparation, plus give professional assistance to the anaesthetist during procedures and to clients during post-operative recovery.

From developing competency in aseptic techniques, control of microbial growth and sterilisation and decontamination procedures, it’s the perfect course to relax about your career prospects.Click on the image below to take you to the relevant registered training organisation.

TQB offers the Diploma of Anaesthesia Technology HLT57915 through multiple delivery methods. The onsite course is two years in length. Enrolled or registered nurses with five years of experience in theatre can enter the External program. If you have previous qualifications and/or theatre experience, the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) pathway is for you. If you already have the Certificate IV in Anaesthetic Technology, we can help you upgrade to the Diploma. Contact Nathan Larsen for more information.

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